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  • Schlafanzug
Einteiliger Baby-Schlafanzug aus Bio-Baumwolle mit Bündchen an den Ärmeln, weich und wärmend für den Fall, dass die Decke verrutscht. Mit umklappbaren Füßlingen gehört dieser Einteiler zu den Favoriten.
Art.-Nr. 8327
Farbe: 362 blue/white/striped
ArtNr.: 832736292 - Farbcode: 362 - Farbe: blue/white/striped
Größe: 92
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  • Katrine17.07.2019
    Finding baby clothes online can be difficult, I think. You can’t really feel if the fabric is soft and comfortable, and you can’t check if the clothes are made well. So I was really happy when we got this. The quality is above and beyond what I have seen elsewhere - the cotton is thick and soft and just feels wonderful. I also really like that the design gives me the option to choose whether the onesie should cover the feet or not. We have this in blue and taupe, and the blue colour especially is so beautiful.
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