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When your darling goes exploring, comfortable underwear is a must. These briefs made from pure, organic cotton in a comfortable, finely-ribbed fabric are an excellent choice: the wonderfully soft fabric made from GOTS-certified natural materials offe rs excellent comfort thanks to flat seams in the crotch area, and the elasticated waistband without direct skin contact provides plenty of freedom of movement. So adventure-loving boys can jump around with a care in the world!
Dispatching time: approx. 1-3 working days.
Art. No. 3303
Colour: 255 grey melange
ArtNo.: 330325598104 - Color code: 749 - Colour: blue melange
ArtNo.: 330325598104 - Color code: 255 - Colour: grey melange
ArtNo.: 330325598104 - Color code: 762 - Colour: natural melange
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€ 8.99
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Customer reviews
  • Li-Chun YUAN28.09.2020
    quality dramatically decreased
    I have been buying briefs for my boy for 5 years or so. Lately, the cut, the have changed and the packing (they used to come in 3 if I remember well). After a few months of use, they are completely torn out (tears and holes). I did not change the way I wash and my boy moves the same way as before. The briefs of the previous version are in better condition than the recently bought new version, although they are getting small and have been worn and washed much more.
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