#stayhome: more time at home - comfortable clothes and practical home textiles


At present, many of us are spending most of our time at home. Changing circumstances mean that our homes have also become offices, fitness studios or classrooms. Hashtags such as #stayhome are gaining in popularity in social networks. Comfortable home wear has become office clothing, active wear is worn for living room sports, and we're taking a closer look at the home textiles in our living spaces. Allow us to show you a few inspirational highlights from the LIVING CRAFTS collection on this website - we think they will make your time spent at home more agreeable.

Home wear: comfortable clothes for the home - whatever you're doing

Whether you're working in a home office, looking after children or just trying to keep the young ones happy, comfy clothing makes a huge difference to the way you feel. Although you probably won't be wearing a suit and tie in your home office, you'll still want to look well groomed, and not just for video conferences, but for your self-esteem.

Attractive outfits for work, relaxing and just feeling good

The women's and men's home wear shown here can be combined in lots of great ways to create different outfits. Match snug leggings with a variety of different tops in elegant or relaxed styles. Lightweight trousers for men and women go perfectly with soft pullovers or hooded jackets in feel-good sweatshirt material. They make it easy to switch from a home office workplace to a relaxing couch. Benefit from wearing clothing in certified organic fabrics during various activities at home, doing good for the environment and indulging in their comfort, softness and downright cosiness. Spending long periods at home in cosy relaxing pants and hoodies might make time pass a little faster for children too.


Home textiles: Time spent at home - make yourself comfortable

Beautiful textiles are enjoyable to wear, and also brighten up the bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. Furnish your bedroom with high-quality bed linen made of certified organic sateen, luxuriating in soft organic cotton terry bath towels and hand towels - little things that make your day more special. A range of small wellness items are included too, such as our washable make up remover pads. 

Ecological items for the kitchen and shopping

When all our favourite eating places are closed - exclusive cuisine, bistros or the pizza baker around the corner - more of us will be getting out our cookbooks and doing some home cooking. An increasingly larger proportion of organically produced foodstuffs are used for home cooked meals. LIVING CRAFTS has a large range of small but sustainable items to transport ecologically produced goods back home and store them. When the time comes to do the unpleasant chore of washing up, what could be better than drying them with our pretty tea towels?

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