Whether you prefer coral, raspberry, poppy, or rosé our brilliant red colour shades are inspired by nature. Bang on trend right now, these tones will continue to set a cheerful mood next season.

Whether it's the blue of the sea, the river or the seashore, the white-blue of the sky above the mountains, or the endless vastness above the sea, blue is the colour of summer. For us too. This summer, next summer, and the summer after.

There's always space for a touch of yellow. Sunshine yellow and strong Limoncello complement any outfit beautifully.

For us, 'rosso' is more than just a colour. We present men's fashion that celebrates this strong colour in many different hues: as a bright and strong single colour, as a striped pattern, or with lighter and darker yarns combined in different melange shades. One colour, many different possibilities.

Ink blue is also more than just a colour for us. Sometimes strong blue alone, sometimes in wide or narrow stripes, and sometimes as a melange tone mixed with other tones. Always ink blue, always different.

Turquoise is also a great colour for greeting summer.

We can fight about the name. Whether our men's models in apple now look more green or yellow is another bone of contention for us. But one thing is for sure: this colour is a real winner.

Green is green, and there's no discussion here for us.

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