Linen, hemp & bamboo - Summer fabrics made from sustainable raw materials


Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes fantastic summer fashion made from exciting sustainable materials. We love the diversity that summer offers when it comes to colours and styles, and we have the same passion when it comes to the materials from which our fashion pieces are produced. And in this regard, we have exceptional sustainable and environmentally-friendly fabrics available, especially for the summer.

Linen - the classic choice, which always looks the part and also keeps you cool and dry in the heat

Linen was already being used as a textile fibre by the Ancient Egyptians, and the same properties that were highly valued in the hot North African climate thousands of years ago still make linen the perfect choice for summer clothing today.

For one, linen looks fantastic. In the hotter months in particular, linen fashion offers you an easy way to always achieve a stylish look. Whether on the Côte d’Azur, in your local park or even on hot days at the office.

However, linen has its unbeatable properties to thank for its starring role as a summer fabric. The linen fibre is smooth, and linen fabric has only a small number of air pockets. Both of these features give it a pleasantly cool feeling against the skin. In addition to this, linen offers exceptional moisture transfer properties. The fabric directs the humidity from the skin towards the air, where it can evaporate off. This means that linen keeps people cool and dry, even in warm weather.

We at LIVING CRAFTS love fashion that looks great, and we also love fashion in which we can feel great all day long. And what's more, we love fashion that is made from sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials. For all of these reasons, this summer we have once again put together a fantastic collection of linen fashion for you. With 100% organic linen, or as a blended fabric with organic cotton, you can enjoy a relaxed and stylish summer.


Attractive and light - Linen fashion for men

Linen is also the perfect choice for men, for a fresh summer style. Whether its a shirt and trousers in a linen/cotton blend, our classic, a T-shirt made from 100% organic linen in a host of great colours for time spent getting active in the sunshine, our cotton/linen shorts or the hoodie, for milder evenings. Linen for men!

T-shirts with a difference - Look great with hemp

Like linen, hemp fibre has also been used in textile production for thousands of years. Like linen, it too impresses with its cooling and moisture-transfer properties. After a long period of hibernation, hemp fibre is now experiencing a comeback in the fashion world, and we have made use of it to offer you a selection of truly special premium T-shirts.

We have taken a high-quality blend of organic cotton and hemp, and designed a truly special T-shirt for men and women. This highly versatile garment really looks the part in a host of very different settings. For an attractive look and exceptional comfort, even when the sun is glaring.


Bamboo - a sustainability masterpiece

Forests of grass - bamboo is one of the great wonders of nature; quick-growing, sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Familiarise yourself with our wonderfully soft blended fabric made from 100% organic cotton and bamboo-viscose, a sustainable alternative with exceptional wear properties for the warmer months.

Pair these models with one another, or with anything at all from our entire summer collection, and simply withdraw to your own bamboo forest for a fleeting, yet very special moment.


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