A marvel of nature: an exciting material blend made from modal and soy

These long-sleeved tops combine the best Mother Nature has to offer. On the one hand, the LenzingTM modal fibres are obtained from debarked beech wood from a sustainably managed forests. It has a cooling effect, maintains its shape, dries quickly and has a silky sheen. This is added to by the regenerated soy protein fibre that is by no means less sustainable than the modal fibre, as it is obtained from  residues during the production of soy products. The blend produced of these two raw materials offers exceptional properties when worn, is superb to the touch and has an unusual look. This is not only visible but can also be felt. Read more in our raw materials lexicon ...

An indulgence for the skin: Fine viscose from LENZIGTM ECOVEROTM

Sustainable clothing does not always have to be made from organic cotton or organic linen. There are different ways! This is proved by our special viscose from LENZINGTM ECOVEROTM, which can totally keep up with ecology and sustainability with its typical organic fibres. The basis of this viscose is formed by cellulose fibres from certified, controlled sources. They are renewable, of 100% natural origin and thus completely biodegradable. This means that this flowing, soft material gently not only caresses your skin, but also your soul.  Learn more here ...

Clothing made from TENCELTM: A real treat for the body

A real superstar among materials is the innovative TENCELTM fibre, industrially produced using natural raw materials.  The initial material used to obtain the Lyocell fibres is eucalyptus wood from sustainably managed plantations and cultivated without chemical additives and without artificial irrigation. The fibre obtained softly caresses the skin like silk with the same breathability and lightness of linen. When combined with other materials, a new fibre is obtained that is totally gorgeous to wear. Our new blend of organic cotton and TENCELTM combines the positive characteristics of two strong fibres that add incredible richness to any wardrobe.

High-tech fibres from a natural origin: EVO® yarn by Fulgar

It doesn't get any more natural than this: these fine tights come from a 100% natural origin − the innovative EVO® is a high-quality biopolymer obtained from the seeds of the castor plant. The innovative fibre is proving to be an unparalleled miracle of sustainability. Among other things, this is down to the excellent ecological balance of the undemanding raw material, the castor plant The yarn developed is extra-light, quick-drying and marked by a high level of breathability. Click here for further information ...

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