Looking good is important for all of us, whatever kind of clothing is involved. It applies for dresses, trousers and tops; it is just as applicable for the underwear we wear each day and the nightwear we are wearing while we sleep.

But it is just as important for our clothing to fulfil its function: a jacket should offer protection against wind and rain, a T-shirt should keep you fresh and cool and a pullover should keep you cosy and warm. And for underwear, the functional requirements are particularly crucial. Not only does underwear have to fit particularly well to keep us comfortable throughout day and night, we also have particularly stringent requirements for materials and finishing.

Underwear is central to the LIVING CRAFTS brand. This is how we started out – and creating underwear that is both attractive and functional continues to be a central pillar of our product range. Style, design and an attractive appearance are important aspects of our collection that we have been perfecting over many years. But none of this would matter without our fabrics made from certified organic materials. Because this is what gives you the assurance that the underwear will bring a carefree sense of well-being. With a clear conscience for your family, our environment and yourself.

Discover the large selection of colours, designs and fashionable trends in our ladies' underwear, and find the style and fit that makes you feel most comfortable. Once again, this spring and summer we are presenting fabulous new designs and the latest fashionable colours. And in our online shop, you will continue to find the full variety that many of you know and love.

Men also have clear preferences when it comes to underwear. We offer an extensive range of styles and shapes so you can find the right garment, and every season we also present new fashionable colours and designs. After all, men's underwear does not have to be boring. You will find a selection of our latest highlights here; the full range is in our online shop.

Particularly for babies and young children the quality of the underwear and the material used to produce it should be given top priority. Organic materials give us the confidence we are all looking for here. We have also designed our baby and children's underwear to look lovely, although admittedly this is more with the adults in mind. We present a couple of our latest highlights here; our well-established full range of environmentally and skin-friendly clothing for the youngest members of the family can be found in our online shop.

The warmer months pose a particular challenge for nightwear, and no doubt you have your own personal preferences. That is why our collection includes such a wide variety of nightwear for both men and women. Not only is our night-time fashion incredibly comfortable for a good night's sleep, many of the designs are also fantastically well suited to serve as comfy leisurewear for relaxing hours at home. That is why we place such an emphasis on creating nightwear that looks attractive in the bright light of day too. This year we are especially proud of our women's designs in a wonderful shade called 'blush' and coordinated off-white options with magnolia print or fine stripes. You can see the full range of women's nightwear here, and for men it is well worth having a browse here.

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