We pay careful attention to ecologically grown material, their gentle processing and adhering to socioeconomic standards. We also do without gene-altered seed and chemical additives.

Organic Cotton

Grown in Turkey and India, our certified organic cotton remains untreated before processing. It is particularly heavy-duty and stays dry and pleasant even when you perspire.

Organic linen

Due to the particular properties of organic linen from controlled organic crops, it is used above all for the production of summer garments.

Organic Virgin Wool

Our untreated new wool is soft and breathable. Lanoline, the sheep wool grease, prevents unpleasant odours from occurring.

Living Wool / Silk

We blend our pure sheep wool from Australia with Indian mulberry silk, which makes for wear comfort and strong hygroscopic characteristics. You can easily wash these items in your machine.


Our blended fabric is completely contaminant-free. It is made of organically certified cotton and of viscose produced from bamboo cellulose. The bamboo ensures that the textiles absorb moisture quickly, removing it from the body.


To give our textiles a higher elasticity and flexibility, we braid spandex with cotton. You do not need to be concerned about your skin.


Hemp is the perfect summer fibre. It is pleasant on the skin and light to wear. The hemp fibre is not only known for its high breathability and air permeability, but also because it is easy to care for.

Modal by Lenzing

Modal is a chemically produced fibre with a 100% natural origin. This wonderfully soft, casually flowing material is obtained from the cellulose of beech wood.

Polyamide (EVO® by Fulgar)

The innovative EVO yarn is a high-quality biopolymer made from the oils of the castor plant.

Soy (regenerated protein fibres)

Soy in the clothing industry - a welcome change and a natural alternative to conventional materials. The soy protein fibre is a winner through and through thanks to its excellent properties, great look and special feel.


The Tencel Lyocell fibre is obtained from sustainable, natural raw materials and feels like silk when worn.

Viscose by Lenzing

This material superbly pleasant to wear thanks to its outstanding properties. Our viscose by Lenzing EcoVero is very skin and allergy-friendly. The cool, breathable fibre ensures excellent colour intensity.

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