The raw material. The bamboo which we use to make Viscose-Bamboo, grows in nature in China. There is no need for fertilisers or pesticides. The fibre we use is a natural synthetic fibre which is made of the bamboo in a synthetic process. Our cotton for the blended fabric is organically certified and mixed with the bamboo viscose in its natural state and processed without the use of chemicals.

The characteristics. Our bamboo viscose-based textiles absorb moisture very well and quickly transport them to the outside, thus preventing odours from accumulating. The textiles are easy-wear since they fall softly and are crease-proof.

The manufacturing process. Bamboo consists of long-fibre cellulose strings, which are won in the viscose process in a non-poisonous solvent before being spun into yarn. Almost all of the remaining solvents are recycled. Such a process with bamboo cellulose as a basis is more eco-friendly than classic synthetic processes which rely on crude oil or gas. Bamboo viscose is blended with our organically certified cotton.

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