The raw material
Our Australian merino sheep wool and the mulberry silk grown in India is blended with the natural wool at a later stage.

The characteristics
Our Living Wool/Silk is especially hygroscopic and breathable at the same time. It keeps you warm and can still be machine-washed at 30° (wool cycle) with special detergents. Its quality will not suffer as a result.

The conditions
Our wool is hand-shorn and processed without the use of chemicals. The use of enzymes is harmless and based on natural additives. Again, we pay close attention and make sure socioeconomic and ecological standards are adhered to.

The manufacturing process
We do treat our Living Wool with enzymes. However, we only use natural ones such as papaya and sugarcane. Both of them can be compared to the enzymes used in the production of sourdough when making bread. The natural structure of the wool remains untouched. We do not coat the fibre with chemical additives, either. Our enzymes dissolve naturally through heat and without chemicals. As a result, our soft textiles made from Living Wool and blended with silk are particularly suitable for persons suffering from allergies and those with sensitive skin.

The production sites
We get our merino wool from Australia. Our mulberry silk is produced in India where it is blended with the wool. The wool is then used to manufacture textiles right there in India.

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