The properties
Garments made in modal are a real indulgence and exceptionally comfortable to wear, as the material clings softly to the body and lets it breathe.

• made from pure cellulose from beech wood
• of pure vegetable origin
• cooling effect
• with a silky shimmer and soft to the touch
• casually flowing fall  
absorbent, robust and durable
• stretchy, hard-wearing material
• keeps its shape and dries quickly
The raw material
A masterpiece of nature: Modal is one of the regenerated fibres, and is a fibre of natural origin made from cellulose. The LenzingTM modal fibres are obtained from debarked beech wood from a certified, sustainably managed forests. Eco Soft Technology is used to create fibres that are pleasant on the skin and indescribably comfortable to wear. Both the timber and pulp production and the modal production process are carried out using methods that save energy and resources. Production takes place in a closed circuit.

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