The raw material
Our raw cotton comes from Turkey and India. It is organically certified which means, for example, we use organic manure and natural pest control. We do not use genetically engineered seed. Furthermore, our cotton crops are hand-picked.

The characteristics
Our cotton is particularly tear-proof, heavy-duty and yet easy to clean. Once it has been processed, it forms the basis for long-life, comfortable textiles. Its special wearing comfort is due to the fact that it absorbs moisture well while still feeling dry.

The conditions
In the cultivation process, we ensure crop rotation and suitable catch crops to maintain the fertility of the soil. We do without chemicals such as pesticides and artificial fertilisers. We produce our cotton without employing child labour and under standards that are socioeconomically justifiable. With regard to waste-water as well as dust and noise limits, we adhere to the prescribed guidelines and check them regularly.

The manufacturing process
When growing and processing our cotton, we entirely forego the use of pesticides and other chemical additives, such as for example softening agents. Cotton flocks are spun into yarn in the spinning mill. At times, different kinds of cotton are mixed for that purpose. In the weaving and knitting mills, the yarns are woven and knitted into fabrics. In the dyeing mill, they get their colour without any poisonous additives. Afterwards, the fabrics are refined thermo-mechanically, before they are cut and sown into clothing or other textile items.

The production sites
Processing of the raw cotton continues in India and Turkey. In order to avoid long transport routes, the entire manufacturing process all the way to the finished clothing item takes place under one roof.

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