The properties
The extremely thin material has outstanding properties, making it naturally comfortable to wear, very stretchy and a good fit.

• 100% natural origin
• extra-quick to dry
• maximum breathability
• ultra-light
• heat-insulating
• non-iron
• natural, bacteriostatic effect
The raw material
The innovative EVO yarn is obtained from the castor bean plant, and is the result of years of research. The use of the renewable Ricinus Communis plant makes the fibres a sustainable sensation. The plant itself is very undemanding, easy to care for and easy to cultivate. It grows in barren areas, needs a little amount of water and hardly any care. The cultivation areas are not used for agricultural purposes, which means they do not compete with other products from the agri-food sector. Regrowth is quick with a low impact on resources.
The production process
With the aid of a polymerisation process, a polyamide fibre is created that consists 100% of organic material. Small isolated molecules found in the castor oils, also referred to as monomers, are combined to produce a polymer. The advantage of the molecules in this plant is that they are already available in the smallest form and do not need to be broken up further by chemical processes. The key word, therefore, is phytochemistry. Unlike petroleum-based chemistry, phytochemistry only needs energy for synthesis.

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