The properties
Garments made from soy are extremely pleasant to wear and evokes a mixture of silk and cashmere. The soy fibres are not only extraordinary to wear, but also have an elegant shine and high colour intensity. The material has a high UV resistance and is particularly easy to care for. In addition to its softness and smoothness, the material is amazingly gentle on the skin and maintains a pleasant moisture balance. It is a welcome change and a natural alternative to the tried and tested organic cotton, with many advantages:
• soft, fine material
• elegant look with a silky shimmer
• soft, smooth and light to the touch
• crease-proof effect
• easy to wash and quick-drying
• regulates humidity perfectly
• kind to the skin
• cares for the skin through moisturising amino acids
• 100% biodegradable
The raw material
It may seem hard to believe but extremely light materials can also be created from the soy bean. Proteins are extracted from soy beans, that are then spun to produce fibres and used to make soft items of clothing.

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