The properties
Softer than silk, lighter than linen: Garments made from TencelTM are indescribably pleasant to wear and are a real indulgence for the skin. The fibres are of natural origin and undergo an industrial process to make them a wonder of nature with outstanding properties. The fibres have an amazingly smooth texture and silky feel. A particular advantage lies in the huge water absorbency of the material, which is 50% higher compared to cotton. Moisture is transported away from the body, which means that bacteria and unpleasant odours don't stand a chance.

• especially soft to the touch
• skin-friendly and breathable
perfect moisture transport
• especially pleasant and cool to wear
• easy to care for and crease-resistant
• richly brilliant, highly fade-resistant colours
• eco-friendly production process
• biodegradable
The raw material
TencelTM is one of the most eco-friendly synthetic fibres made from sustainable raw materials. TencelTM Lyocell fibres are obtained from cellulose of wood from sustainably managed forests and plantations. An eco-friendly process without any harmful chemicals in a closed cycle makes TencelTM an unbeatably sustainable material that we are pleased to use.

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