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LIVING CRAFTS: environmentally friendly and fair

The LIVING CRAFTS brand doesn't just stand for high-quality products, but also our sense of responsibility towards the environment and society. Environmental awareness and a social conscience are equally important to us for both our products and their manufacture.
LIVING CRAFTS was a pioneer in the field of environmentally-friendly clothing in Germany and Europe, and a crucially important aspect of our work is the conservation of an environment that is worth living in all parts of the world from which we obtain our raw materials.
This also concerns the conditions under which our clothing is produced. The question of how our clothing is produced, and how we can ensure that we remain socially responsible during the manufacturing process, is a daily concern for us. Because of this, more than three years ago we joined the Fair Wear Foundation, a decision which has since been confirmed as an important and correct step. Taking social responsibility is an ongoing process and a challenge that we are willing to rise to in the future too.

Regional roots

The company headquarters of LIVING CRAFTS is located in the Upper Franconian town of Selbitz, and anchoring ourselves in this region is just as important a part of our company culture as the close and personal bond shared by all of our employees. A few weeks ago some of our colleagues suggested supporting a voluntary project here in our region. The creation and maintenance of a nature trail will allow children from our region to develop an awareness of the environment in which they live and an understanding of the important and complex environmental relationships within it. This project will be planned and implemented locally on a voluntary basis, and depends upon achieving a Crowdfunding target of €8,000. You can find more Information about this project here. (in German language)

€5 donation per order

For each order we receive between Wednesday 26th February and Sunday 1st March, regardless of size, we will donate €5 to this target. If the Crowdfunding target is not reached, we will donate the pledged donations to an alternative charitable cause.
We'd love doing our part to make this crowdfunding initiative a success. Therefore we decided to repeat last Thursday's Social Justice Day activity to celebrate the introduction of our new spring-summer collections this week.

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