Fashion Revolution Day 2020

PROMOTION - Fashion Revolution Day 2020


Dear customer,

The coronavirus crisis is also having serious effects within the fashion sector. Several weeks ago, retailers in many European countries had to close their businesses, and even though in some of those countries some fashion retailers are now allowed to open again, for many people the desire to go shopping will probably be lower than normal. LIVING CRAFTS products can be found in many fashion retailers’ shops too, and we are delighted that these are now able to open their doors once again.
But it's not just in Europe that the coronavirus crisis is causing great problems. Especially for workers in those countries where many of the textiles sold here in Europe are produced, the situation is very serious. As high ecological and social standards are important to us as a company, we are feeling a particular responsibility towards both our trading partners and the manufacturers who are producing our clothing.
We are therefore not only trying to support our trading partners here in Europe. At the same time, we are in constant contact with our production partners all over the world, to ensure that we can overcome this crisis together and collaboratively. The fact that we have been working with many of our production partners for many years is a great help.
Even though demand here in Europe has reduced, and the economy in production countries such as India is currently at a standstill due to lockdowns and other restrictions, we have not cancelled any orders. These will still be produced; our manufacturers will be paid for their services and can also process the raw materials that have already been purchased. In this way, we want to do our bit to ensure that there is still work available for the employees of these factories once the respective restrictions have been lifted. Over the coming months, we will continue to work closely with our producers to respond to possible changes in demand here in Europe in a fair and collaborative way.
For us here at LIVING CRAFTS, producing clothing and fashion in a fair way that is both socially and ecologically responsible is of the utmost importance. The current crisis is making us even more aware of this.
With kind regards
Your Living Crafts team
On Fashion Revolution Day 2020 under the special circumstances of the Corona crisis, a video of one of our Indian production partners:

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