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Hauptsache Naturmode - Die Unisex-Mütze in lässigem Rippstrick ist Masche für Masche durchdacht. Sie hält warm, sitzt passgenau, hat eine weiche Haptik und schließt gut ab. Mit authentischem Jacron-Label aus ökologischem, papierähnlichem Material. Die reine Bio-Baumwolle unterliegt strengen Auflagen für den Anbau. Die Verarbeitung setzt Living Crafts mit vollständig erneuerbarer Energie und unter fairen Bedingungen um. Sehr gut kombinierbar mit dem Bio-Schal FERRARA.
Art.-Nr. 23108
Farbe: 556 carmin
ArtNr.: 23108556ONE - Farbcode: 556 - Farbe: carmin
ArtNr.: 23108556ONE - Farbcode: 566 - Farbe: ink blue
Größe: one size
Aktuell nicht lieferbar
€ 24,99
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  • Anonym09.12.2020
    Mütze Firenze carmin
    ich bitte um Zusendung sobald die Mütze Firenze in carmin wieder lieferbar ist.Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Bemühungen.mit freundlichen Grüssen Sandra Bettin
  • Anonym03.12.2019
  • Peneleapaí 26.10.2019
    Maybe a bit too loose
    I wanted to love this hat, but when it came, it immediately gave me the feeling that it might not inspire the most confidence in its craftsmanship. The WEAVE is very loose and felt like the fabric would "pill" and unravel before too long. I have been purchasing organic and fair traded clothing for over 25 years now, so have seen a wide range of quality. There have been devastatingly beautiful creations, and functional items too, but rarely are "organic and ethical" products of downright POOR quality sold. It wasn't SO TERRRIBLE, but just to say If you would like honest detailed feedback, here it is. I was actually considering returning it. . . But the trouble of repackaging it and sending ... plus of course most of us conscious consumers wish to minimise extra energy and air miles. So after a week of it being received, decided to just embrace it and see how it would actually perform. Sorry to say, it was even LOOSER in shape, than the LOOSE WEAVE. Headband portion was not snuggling inward at all, and over time, one can appreciate that this ribbing area of hats will get LOOSER, not tighter. So for the second time, it did not inspire Confidence.. But finally, it seemed to look attractive (even flattering!), so .. well, time will tell how the product performs . It would be wonderful if it did NOT get any LOOSER and was still serviceable after 1 year at least!
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