About LIVING CRAFTS organic textiles – your brand for natural textiles
»Sustainability is not a vogue word for LIVING CRAFTS but a matter of course with tradition – and that’s what we are proud of. Because for more than 30 years we have successfully produced high-quality natural textiles under environmentally friendly and socio-economically fair conditions. Credibility, persistence and trust are the values that make us get down to work anew each day with joy and enthusiasm. We believe that only under this maxim transparency and sustainability can arise.«
About LIVING CRAFTS - Ecology & fairness as top priority
This is why we pay attention to fair working conditions at our production sites and do without pesticides as well as chemical additives in cultivation and processing of our raw materials. For this reason, the technical finishing of our raw materials is also carried out the mechanical-thermal way. Moreover, we choose environmentally friendly, non-toxic dyes for our fabrics and mind to keep the environmental impact as low as possible.
About LIVING CRAFTS - Long life instead of Fast Fashion
Our products originate from experience, trust and competence. Fast Fashion is not a criterion for us. The designs are timeless since LIVING CRAFTS stands for persistence instead of following each trend. And everything we have learned in all these years of our corporate and professional experience, we would like to pass on to our customers.
For ecological conviction is more than a nature-loving business to us.

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