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Babies – ecological & fair clothing for the little ones

Babies need special protection and much more attention than adults. There is a long way to go until they've learned to cope with the world and also develop the necessary immune system. Therefore not only baby food has to meet particular requirements but also everything else getting in touch with infants – like baby clothing and other textiles. Not only do they have to have a soft feel, but they also have to be completely free from harmful substances. At LIVING CRAFTS you find high-quality natural textiles such as cotton and merino wool in organic quality for babies from size 50/56 as well as for toddlers, ranging from bib or blanket to body & romper. Discover our organic baby clothes quite comfortably from your home by visiting our online shop!

Babies – soft organic clothing for tender baby skin

The LIVING CRAFTS product range comprises certified organic baby clothing made of pure organic cotton, which is partly brushed to achieve particular wearing comfort. In doing so the surface of the baby clothes becomes very soft. Our high-quality line made of fine organic wool and delicate silk has natural functional qualities – a temperature and humidity equalizing effect that keeps sensitive baby skin from unpleasant sweating but keeps it nice and warm at the same time. Our sensitive line even goes a step further and completely does without bleach or dye – pure nature for sensitive and irritated skin and baby skin prone to allergies as well as inflammatory skin diseases like neurodermatitis. Part of this line are the clothes and accessories for babies made of organic cotton grown in colour. These pieces have a modest natural dye in green and brown shades owing to the use of special seeds. Industrial dyeing of these baby clothes is not necessary.

Babies – comfort & functionality meet durability

Apart from high quality and ecological aspects, functionality and comfort play an important role in case of baby fashion. Are the baby clothes comfortable? Can they be put on and taken off easily? How about washing of organic baby clothes? LIVING CRAFTS baby shirts and rompers have handy envelope necks, the baby bodies can easily be closed with chromium- and nickel-free push buttons in the crotch or are wrapover bodies. Broad cuffs at the waist ensure that the little bellies aren't constricted and that your baby feels completely at ease. The baby socks & tights partly contain a small amount of cotton-encased elastane, which optimizes the fit in the long run without getting in touch with baby's skin. Durable organic clothing for the baby in any situation!

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