Women's underwear – timeless underwear for every day

The production of ecological underwear belongs to LIVING CRAFTS' core competences. We manufacture women's underwear for everyday life and sports as well as natural functional underwear, which is ideally suited for winter sports. Our women's underwear is characterized by timeless cuts in different lengths and shapes, feminine colours and high-quality organic materials. Whether bustier, spaghetti strap top, vest, short-sleeved shirt or long-sleeved shirt, briefs, panty, shorts or long johns, our underwear range offers just the right piece of clothing for your needs! The classic women's underwear is made of pure organic cotton or organic cotton with elastane for a stable fit.

Women's underwear – the pure line made of organic cotton

The LIVING CRAFTS pure line is a real classic: Women's underwear made of 100 % organic cotton or with a small amount of elastane, whereby the elastane does not get in touch with the skin due to the use of cotton-encased core yarn. This women's underwear is perfect for everyday life, both in summer and in winter – the short versions in summer and the long versions in winter. Each season we complete the collection by new models in feminine styles or launch particularly popular women's underwear in current colours. The underwear made of organic cotton will keep you from sweating because it absorbs moisture well and at the same time allows the skin to breathe. Organic cotton is extra soft and the undyed and unbleached version is also suitable for persons suffering from allergies!

Women's underwear – finest functional underwear for highest demands

Our finest line functional underwear combines ecological raw materials with functional wearing qualities and therefore is perfectly suitable for winter sports or as underwear for the colder season. The functional underwear is made of organic merino wool and organic cotton or rather made of organic merino wool and silk as high-end version. Both qualities are ideal as ski underwear for women. They have temperature and humidity equalizing wearing properties, which ensure that you won't get cold at low temperatures and at the same time keep you from sweating easily at higher temperatures.

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