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    Carbon-neutral company | Carbon-neutral product

    The textile industry is one of the world's largest emitters of CO2. The clothes we wear, the sheets on our beds and the towels we dry ourselves with account for a substantial part of both our collective and personal carbon footprints. From raw materials to production and logistics, textiles are highly carbon-intensive. Which is why here at LIVING CRAFTS we have been offsetting the entire CO2 emissions caused by our textiles since the beginning of this year. So you can have a clear conscience and wear climate-neutral clothing.

    Carbon-neutral company

    The first step, and the easier one:
    LIVING CRAFTS has been certified as a “carbon-neutral company” by “ClimatePartner” since 2020. 

    “Carbon-neutral company” means that:
    CO2 pollution at our company HQ in Bavaria's Upper Franconia is offset; energy and gas consumption in our buildings and by our company vehicles is offset; business travel and employees' travel to work are offset; printing our catalogues and brochures, as well as manufacturing our transport packaging, is offset; and for many years now, our parcels have been delivered using climate-neutral “DHL Go Green”.

    Carbon-neutral product

    This is where it gets tricky:
    Most CO2 emissions in the textile industry originate from raw materials and manufacturing. Added to this is pollution from transport, whether from transporting raw materials to the production site or the finished product to the buyer.

    Determining CO2 emissions for a product can be demanding. The effort required to do so for an entire product range is enormous. The calculation has to include CO2 emissions for the entire supply chain, from the cotton fields to our warehouse. We managed to do this in less than a year. So we can now state with pride that all products manufactured from January 2023 onwards are carbon-neutral. 

    As for the future:
    Going forward, all our products will to be carbon-neutral. Of course, many items still in stock were manufactured before the beginning of 2023, particularly in our broad ESSENTIALS range. But the same applies here: any item being reordered will be carbon-neutral.

    Projects for mankind and the planet

    Offsetting CO2 
    “ClimatePartner” supports projects which offset the quantity of CO2 calculated for companies and products. These are selected by ClimatePartner using strict criteria, and then suggested to us. The most important thing here is that these projects would not have happened without financial support. And the compensated quantities of CO2 would have been emitted instead.

    For mankind and the planet
    Projects for sustainable and environmentally friendly energy generation in India and other Southeast Asian countries not only help the planet, but also local people in their everyday lives. This is how sustainable energy generation can replace fossil fuels. This reduces CO2 emissions as well as air pollution, with its often dire consequences for the health of those affected.

    Our projects – LIVING CRAFTS at ClimatePartner.

    Even more background
    There are plenty of facts and background information on the ClimatePartner website, for anyone who wants to know more.

    Information about carbon-neutral companies (corporate carbon footprint):
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