The properties
In the fast lane: Natural fashion made from hemp is the latest trend. Although hemp fibres can boast a centuries-old tradition, until a few decades ago it had almost fallen into oblivion. It is now being used successfully once more in the clothing industry, and is also one of our selected materials. Hemp is particularly pleasant to wear and skin friendly and perfect for the summer. Hemp textiles are particularly suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skin. The advantages of hemp fibres make garments a real indulgence.
• particularly comforting and skin-friendly
extremely breathable
regulates body temperature perfectly
easily absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in water
• is pleasantly cooling in summer and has a warming effect in winter
exceptionally easy to care for
• antimicrobial (antiperspirant and blocks odour)
negligible odour formation
• garments made from hemp need to be washed only rarely, it is often sufficient to air them.
• resilient, dirt-repellent and tear-resistant
The raw material
Hemp is one of the oldest crop plants in the world and is known for its extraordinary qualities. Even in ancient times, the versatility of the hemp fibre was discovered and it was used as a basis for textiles. The hemp plant itself has no particular requirements regarding soil quality and can survive with little water. In addition to this, no crop protection, insecticides or herbicides are used. Hemp is extremely resistant and grows very quickly. All parts of the hemp plant can be processed, making the plant a sustainable raw material. Its eco-friendly production speaks for itself.

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