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You'll definitely never get bored of this chic summer jumper made from 100% sustainable organic cotton! The wide knitted stitches create a light and airy hole pattern as well as countless different outfits and colour constellations - depending on whether a T-shirt, a top, or a crop top is worn underneath. This environmentally-friendly and easy-to-combine wonder is made from natural fibres, giving every look a highly individual touch and offering surprises time and again.
Dispatching time: approx. 1-3 working days.
Art. No. 63888
Colour: 52 black
ArtNo.: 6388852XS - Color code: 52 - Colour: black
ArtNo.: 6388852XS - Color code: 893 - Colour: mimosa
Size: XS
Small quantities available
€ 69.99 € 49.99
(VAT included plus freight charges)
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