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Celebrate a true fashion comeback with this comfortable, spaciously cut slip-over made of pure organic wool,! The wide ribbed waistband and a stand-away folding collar ensure a cosy feel and a stylish look, enhancing long-sleeved shirts or blouses when worn in the modern layering style. The fine, thickly knitted tweed yarn provides sophisticated visual accents with its subtly integrated dashes of colour, whilstkeeping wonderfully warm.
Dispatching time: approx. 1-3 working days.
Art. No. 62820
Colour: 17 lava
ArtNo.: 6282017XS - Color code: 566 - Colour: ink blue
ArtNo.: 6282017XS - Color code: 17 - Colour: lava
Size: XS
Small quantities available
€ 79.99
(VAT included plus freight charges)
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